HYGGE: A personal and simple guide to you’re cozy and comfy lifestyle + FREEBIE

What even is Hygge?

What even is Hygge? My first impression of the Hygge Lifestyle was through a magazine. I immediately fell in love with the articles, the people and their stories, the pictures and all the ideas you can integrate in you’re everyday life to make it a little more cozy, a bit slower and a lot more contemplative. But what’s it all about? I hope I can reflect it as good as that magazine did and fascinate you as much as I am.

Hygge is a danish word that describes a feeling of comfort, togetherness, wellbeing and much more. It is not only one of my favorite ways to live but also a very good way to slow down and learn to appreciate every little things in life. Isn’t it funny how some tea, a walk outside, a good book or good company can bring up such a good feeling in us? I feel like it is important to enjoy that and remember exactly that. During the lockdown in 2020 I think we all felt some loneliness. While we couldn’t get out of the house to stay safe and keep others safe, I tried to embrace a lifestyle that is not only more minimalistic but also way more Hygge.

The consciousness behind Hygge

If friends ask me: so what exactly is HYGGE? I can only tell them: people use the word to describe a feeling, rather then an actual thing to touch. If you integrate some new ideas into your environment and your lifestyle you will get that feeling of a Hygge life. The Danish people for example created Hygge to do something against boredom. Well I think that’s a fun way to start something so big. Today its not just about being bored, it’s about spending less time behind screens, feeling warm and acknowledging what we already have instead of always wanting more. We all know that feeling. with social media and all the adds – How can we not always want something new? But how about a break from that ?

Its about a much needed break

One big thing about Hygge is creating a ritual. Something like a morning routine or your favorite homemade tea in the afternoon. It is something you enjoy and makes life a bit less stressful. So. What do you have to do if you want to embrace the Hygge lifestyle or that special feeling?

That’s simple! Its not about what you have to do, its about doing what makes you feel good. That allows you to be present in the moment and enjoy things that are around you. I created a Daily mindful checklist to give you an idea of how you can start your journey to a more mindful and balanced life.

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I hope you enjoy the freebie and have a wonderful week!

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