An important note – Intuitive Eating

That’s me three years ago. On that day I prepared to finish my Aupair year, say goodbye to my host family and travel around the country for a month. I was so nervous, excited and also so sad to leave. Luckily I still talk to my host family a lot and I miss them every day. And can we talk about that huge smile on my face – yeah food makes me smile like that 🍂 

My relationship with food

During my Aupair year I didn’t think about eating at all. I think I’ve never had a healthier and balanced relationship with food then I had then. After I came home I struggled with homesickness to my host family, finding a college and just all life things. All that stress made me overeat which is completely ok and normal every now and then. Everyone compensate stress in different ways. For me it’s eating. But after I got more and more uncomfortable, my relationship to food changed in such a negative way. I started dieting, which didn’t work and I felt way to unmotivated for fitness. It took me a long time to realise that it doesn’t make sense for me to outsmart my body by dieting and restricting myself so much that I just want to go back to overeating. I started a process of intuitive eating to get my healthy relationship with food back and I’m telling you it changed my life! 

You‘re beautiful no matter what

Just a little reminder: You are beautiful the way you are! 💗

Intuitive Eating

And I am in the process to learn to love my body because I feel like it is so important. What I found so fun though is to see how it changes with the help of a healthy, balanced, non restrictive diet and a bit of sports. It feels so good to just live and not have food dominating my everyday life.

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